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Felipe González

Profesor Invitado


Brief biography

Assistant Professor in Economics​ Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Ph.D., Universidad de California, Berkeley

Research Interests: Political Economy, Economic History, Applied Econometrics​

Main publications:
 “Can television bring down a dictator? Evidence from Chile’s ‘No’ campaign.” Journal of Comparative Economics, 46(1):349-361, 2018, with M. Prem. 2.
“Start-up nation? Slave wealth and entrepreneurship in Civil War Maryland.” Journal of Economic History, 77(2):373-405, 2017, with G. Marshall and S. Naidu. 3.
“War and local collective action in Sierra Leone: a comment on coefficient stability approaches” Journal of Public Economics, 128:30-33, 2015, with E. Miguel. 4.
“Can land reform avoid a left turn? Evidence from Chile after the Cuban revolution.” The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, 13(1):31-72, 2013. 

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