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ECLAC and the Young Scholars Initiative (INET) Workshop

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20 June 2018

The ECLAC Summer School is a great academic opportunity in which students not only learn about the Latin American economies, but they also interact and exchange ideas and experiences with other students in an international environment.  During the school many friendships and professional relations emerge and consolidate. Both ECLAC and the Young Scholars Initiative of INET are interested in strengthening these links and building a strong network of alumni – most of whom are now in influential positions in universities, and in public and private agencies in many different parts of the world. They are all committed to encourage pluralism in economic thinking and in the design and analysis of public policy.

This is the reason why the Young Scholars Initiative of INET and ECLAC organize every year a workshop in which our alumni present their research to the new generation of students. The ECLAC-YSI-INET workshop will take place at ECLAC headquarters in Santiago on the 23 of July 2018. We expect to have a full day of discussions and debates on the research of our former students. It is an opportunity for “old” and “new” students of the summer school to share expectations and experiences.

The day after the workshop there will be an inaugural seminar with the participation of Professors Alberto Botta (Greenwich University, UK) and Professor Jorge Katz (University of Chile). The speakers will discuss recent advances in structural & development macroeconomics  and in the microeconomics of structural and technical change.